2020 Special Symposium on Quality Competition
To encourage trainee innovation and foster enthusiasm for quality improvement, ASH is accepting proposals for the Special Symposium on Quality Trainee Competition which will take place at the ASH Special Symposium on Quality during the 2020 ASH annual meeting.

Burnout is a serious problem affecting trainees and seasoned clinicians in hematology. What can we do about it?  Use this form to propose an intervention that you think could help trainees and/or staff. 

Submissions should be limited to 500 words and focus on new ideas to improve the outcome of physicians and other health care providers experiencing burnout. Each submission should outline the problem, describe its importance, and explain the quality intervention. Submissions should include the target population, key stakeholders, implementation strategy with potential barriers, and recommended outcome metrics. Submissions may be aspirational - projects need not have been previously implemented nor is any change data required.  All trainees are encouraged to apply. Individuals may submit multiple proposals, although a new form must be completed for each submission.
Four finalists will be invited to the 2020 ASH annual meeting in San Diego to deliver a five-minute presentation of their proposal. After the presentations have concluded, the session speakers, co-chairs, and the audience will question the presenters, who will defend their proposals. Submissions will be judged on the quality and originality of the proposal, presentation, and response to questions.  A prize (to be announced at a later time) will be awarded to the person judged to have provided the best presentation. 

To submit your idea for consideration, please fill out the required fields below. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, July 10, 2020.

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